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Preacher tells dads to punch away the gay.

Sean Harris, senior pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, doesn’t have time for any of this “pray away the gay” stuff. If you think your kid might be gay, Sean wants you to punch away the gay. Because nothing … Continue reading

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Kannapolis homophobes shrink from attention.

Alex Wiles and Chase Young, who are totally not gay, thought it would be funny to shoot up a sign urging voters to vote against Amendment One — the anti-gay amendment that will go before North Carolina voters on the … Continue reading

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Alex Wiles is totally not gay.

Alex Wiles of Kannapolis, North Carolina, who is totally not gay, would like you to know that he’s against marriage equality, and he’d like to present the argument for his point of view. That argument is, Alex has a gun, … Continue reading

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Blanche loves the sinner, hates the sin.

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On Catholic bishops as teachers of morality.

As the Catholic bishops strive to maintain their position as the world’s foremost advocates of ignorance, bigotry, superstition, and religious authoritarianism, this comment — posted to the Spectator website — sums up the situation pretty well:

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Why can’t gay folks just keep their private lives private?

The best thing about enjoying a privileged position in society and in the law is that you get so used to it, you don’t even realize it’s a privileged position.

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Alvin McEwen calls out the bigot brigade.

I’m not a big fan of HuffPo, and I wouldn’t send you over there lightly, but do go read the excellent piece Alvin McEwen published over there on Wednesday. Alvin McEwen: Prop 8’s Supporters Were Too Scared to Testify, But … Continue reading

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