Alex Wiles is totally not gay.

Alex Wiles of Kannapolis, North Carolina, who is totally not gay, would like you to know that he’s against marriage equality, and he’d like to present the argument for his point of view. That argument is, Alex has a gun, and he can hit a target from ten feet away.

[Edited 1 May and 2 May to replace video that had been taken down.]

Alex and his friend Chase Young do lots of manly stuff like this, just so everybody will know they’re totally not gay. Seriously: totally not gay. Alex’s manly wit and intelligence is inspired by his heroes:

Facebook - Alex Wiles

With brains like that, Alex could probably go to work for the National Organization for Marriage, or some other godly, manly, rational organization. He’s got a lot of potential. And he’s definitely not gay. Totally.

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3 Responses to Alex Wiles is totally not gay.

  1. J says:

    “With brains like that”? You don’t know anything about him. He’s a Junior Marshall (Top 16 in his class) and makes A’s in every course. All of his teachers talk of what a wonderful student he is. Your ability to make things up without research makes you totally smart, Totally.

    • The DV8 says:

      He’s an ignorant bigot who doesn’t think gay people should have the same rights under the law as straight people, and who thought it would be clever to post a video of himself shooting a stolen campaign sign online. He may be the shining pride of Paul and Johnette Wiles, and he may pass for a genius at the 367th best high school in the 36th best state for education, but you’ll have to try to understand that a lot of us have higher standards than you have in Kannapolis.

  2. Doug Girard says:

    He isnt gay. He is just a friggin ignorant redneck!!!

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