Blanche hears about Muslims.

Blanche hears about Muslims

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2 Responses to Blanche hears about Muslims.

  1. jonolan says:

    That’s rather funny coming from something like you that seems to regularly spout worse intolerance towards Christianity, the normative religion of America and one that, unlike Islam, is de facto compatible with American culture and law.

  2. The DV8 says:

    Horseshit. I’m critical of all religions, intolerant of none. All religions are compatible with American culture and law, to the extent that they mind their own business and don’t try to impose their superstitions and bigotries on the general populace. That’s something a minority of Christians — the worst sort of Christian — tends to forget, and then they call it “intolerance” when you resist their aggression, intolerance, and lies. But I would never make the mistake of thinking that all Christians are like the Mormon apostles, Catholic bishops, and Tea Party scumbags who think it’s their job to impose Christianity by force of law.

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