Torygraph goes after Dawkins’ ancestry.

Yesterday the Daily Telegraph published an idiotic piece by Adam Lusher, suggesting that Richard Dawkins, as a descendant of slaveholders, owes apology and reparations for the crimes of his ancestors. The paper has quite sensibly declined to allow comments on the article, lending hope that sometimes even conservatives recognize the stupidity of their propaganda, but that hasn’t kept comments from appearing on Twitter:

Selected Twitter comments on Lusher piece

Richard Dawkins is a lucky man. His enemies are people stupid enough to believe that if they can discredit him, they can halt the spread of atheism. And he’s managed to live such a blameless life that they have to reach back 300 years for a scandal. If some Tory hack decided to do a hatchet job on me, he certainly wouldn’t have to resort to that — although he could, since — like Richard Dawkins, Queen Elizabeth II, and Barack Obama — I too am a descendant of slaveholders.

The really funny part is that religious people hate Dawkins so much for spreading atheism, when their own religious leaders do more to spread atheism than Dawkins could ever dream of doing.

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