Alvin McEwen calls out the bigot brigade.

I’m not a big fan of HuffPo, and I wouldn’t send you over there lightly, but do go read the excellent piece Alvin McEwen published over there on Wednesday.

Alvin McEwen: Prop 8’s Supporters Were Too Scared to Testify, But They Still Whine After the Fact

Maggie Gallagher wrote a piece with the headline, “Ninth Circuit to 7 Million California Voters: You Are Irrational Bigots.” Meanwhile, others such as the Family Research Council, Concerned Women for America, etc. have sent out the usual junk about “unelected judges,” “activist judges,” “redefinition of marriage,” and all of the other hyperbolic mess we have come to expect from them.

But here is my question, and it’s relatively simple.

Just where were these folks when the original trial was taking place last year? Why didn’t any of these folks testify as to why Prop 8 was needed? Remember, Prop 8’s proponents could only find two witnesses, and both did a poor job defending the law.

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