White racists brutally murder black man in Mississippi

Yeah, in 2011. Deryl Dedmon, Jr., and six of his dirtbag friends brutally beat James Craig Anderson, then ran him over with an SUV. Because Anderson was black.

White Teens Beat, Then Drive SUV Over Black Man, Killing Him (Video)

The leader of the teens, 18-​year-​old Deryl Dedmon, Jr., reportedly raised his fists and shouted “White Power!” as he murdered the 49-​year-​old black man, James Craig Anderson, simply for being black.

“As the teens were partying and drinking miles away from Jackson that night, in largely white Rankin County, Dedmon told friends they should leave, saying ‘let’s go fuck with some niggers,’ according to law enforcement officials,” CNN reports.

It’s things like this that make it impossible for me to be wholeheartedly opposed to the death penalty. You can’t do anything with a mad dog but put it down.

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