PoliticusUSA.com on “the left”.

Since I’m banned from PoliticusUSA.com, I’m glad I have a habit of taking screen caps. Rmuse, a regular columnist at PoliticusUSA.com, has a seething contempt for the left. Here’s a screen cap of a reply he made today to a liberal who dared to comment on his column:


One thing about Rmuse’s undisguised contempt for the left: it makes it clear exactly what side Rmuse, and by extension PoliticusUSA.com, is on.

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3 Responses to PoliticusUSA.com on “the left”.

  1. Did you see Glenn Greenwald’s recent column, Democrats in a Nutshell? Seems to me Greenwald nailed it.

  2. Mitch says:

    I just discovered I too am banned from Pol-USA!
    They really despise the truth and being called out on their lies don’t they!

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