Trans Integrity.

Thanks to Autumn Sandeen for calling attention to an essay called “holding on,” written by an author called little light and published on Questioning Transphobia.

Today, here and now, we as a people are a people of astonishing integrity. Integrity! How many times have you heard that word and trans people in a sentence? How many times have you heard us defined not by our dysphoria, not by our danger, but by our integrity? I believe that is what this boils down to, though. Our integrity. We are people who have chosen, in the silence of our hearts or shouting from the rooftops, to cultivate integrity no matter the cost. We are people who insist that our internal worlds must be married to our external worlds. That we will be true to ourselves even if we are the only ones who know it is the truth. It’s not that we’re somehow inherently virtuous or upright beyond anyone else’s gifts. It’s that we made choices. Good choices. Brave choices.

Please take a few minutes to read the whole essay: holding on

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3 Responses to Trans Integrity.

  1. bob says:

    Your post reads well, it makes a good point, but it doesn’t allow for the mistakes most humans learn from as they develop their integrity.

    I’m 63, I know I now have integrity, but given the fact of my actual circumstances of birth and life, integrity was a long time coming.

    Too many inspirational speeches are made by people just like me, who wake up one day and find their circumstances are now conducive with integrity.

    Speeches need to be a lot more honest about the path to integrity, so that those who are still on their way to it, know their current situations will change if they keep boxing on, and they too, will eventually have integrity.

    All things take time.

  2. Ahab says:

    It’s all so true. To strive to be true to oneself, even when the outside world responds with scorn and discrimination, requires a special kind of integrity. Transgender people have definitely demonstrated that kind of steely honesty.

  3. bob says:

    I must admit, I saw this topic as being about integrity, I missed that is dealt with transgenendered people.

    I’ll offer this poem which comes from my thoughts associated with all people and their differences, which I simply see as each of our individualities.

    What is Gay, what is Hetero, and what are all of us?
    We’re all a mix, of boy and girl, so what is all this fuss?
    Some are handsome, some are big, with others frail or small
    Some have parts of every kind, some stand very tall

    There’s our full range of emotions, some gentle, and some firm
    We seem afraid to use them, too soft, and people squirm
    Why do some feel different, why is there hate for others
    After all, when all’s boiled down, we range from sisters to brother’s

    Nobody is full on male, the same with girls applies
    Most are far from alpha, they’re forced to live with lies
    Does someone have to be alpha, before they are accepted
    What of all those in between, should they not be respected?

    Only each of us can know, the extent of our attractions
    Do girls do it for you, or are boys your biggest distraction
    Or are you somewhere in between, where both are just as nice
    What does it matter, if all concerned, share your very same vice

    Me thinks some complain too much, as they try to hide their preference
    But who can blame them, one and all, with so much negative reference
    The hypocrites of the churches, the Pollies one and all
    Are too afraid to see someone, making their life a ball

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