Lemon pledge.

For some reason, there’s a disturbing trend among my Facebook friends to fixate on the Pledge of Allegiance. I can’t log on without someone daring me to “have the guts” to post something about my fierce devotion to the Pledge as a status update — it’s seems we’re now expected to pledge allegiance to the pledge itself — or to sign some petition or “like” some cause insisting that the pledge must be made mandatory.

No thanks.

One of the few things I agree with Jehovah’s Witnesses about is that all this flag fetishism amounts to idolatry. I’m not interested in saluting, much less pledging allegiance to, your emblem of nationalism.

Besides, it’s a nonsense statement, pledging allegiance to a country that does not exist and probably cannot exist. When the U.S. actually is a republic “liberty and justice for all,” and when you can demonstrate that it is in any way desirable for it to be “under” your imaginary friend, get back to me. I won’t be waiting by the phone, though, since I’ve noticed that the most vociferous proponents of the pledge never seem to be all that concerned about liberty and justice for anybody, much less all. That attitude goes hand in hand with the imaginary friend, after all.

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2 Responses to Lemon pledge.

  1. Ahab says:

    The idea of pledging allegiance to a flag (as opposed to the Constitution or a commitment to justice) always struck me as odd.

    • The DV8 says:

      It really is an odd, superstitious kind of thing to do. But I think for many people swearing allegiance to the flag is an attractive alternative to actually giving a damn about liberty or justice.

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