Be Proud; Don’t GOProud.

I’m going to skip the obvious comments about the self-loathing it takes to be a member of GOProud. Anytime you see a group of people fiercely supporting a political party that just fucking hates them, you know they’ve got some pretty serious issues. However, the internalized homophobia of GOProud isn’t the only problem its members have; there’s also the ignorance.

Matt Hissey GOProud member Matt Hissey has attracted a lot of attention for saying that he doesn’t really like gay people that much — so much attention that people have mostly overlooked his explanation of why he thinks Sarah Palin should be President:

Oh, God, Sarah Palin. I love Sarah Palin, yeah. She’s just, um, she reminds me of my mom, right? She’s just such a Middle American; she’s, like, a real person. And we haven’t had that in American politics since, like, TR in, like, 19, like, 13, whatever that was. And we’ve had these, like, Harvard-graduated people and look where we are.

Um, Matt? I’m sure you think your mom would make a great president. But Teddy Roosevelt wasn’t from Middle America. He was an East-Coast Progressive. From New York. And he was a Harvard graduate.

See more of GOProud’s Festival of Self-Loathing:

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One Response to Be Proud; Don’t GOProud.

  1. You’re such a spoil sport, DV8. Can’t you see the lad loves his mother? And that’s what’s really important about America. Not that freedom and liberty crap you Progressives mouth off about. But the truth that Americans — unlike those godless Iranians — love their mothers.

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