Queen Noor on Reagan.

Thought this was interesting in light of the huge stink over Ron Reagan Jr’s saying that his dad was slipping during his second term.

In her autobiography, Queen Noor of Jordan wrote:

“The King had become increasingly aware that his meetings with President Reagan were based more and more on formality and less and less on substance. Conversations that mattered were conducted outside the Oval Office with U.S. officials like the Secretary of State, not the President. It was as if Reagan was scripted. My husband was deeply concerned because he had always had very direct relations with American presidents, but it was clear to my husband that in this last year of Reagan’s presidency his health had become an obstacle.

“Hussein’s concern was reinforced by a phone call from the White House a month after the intifada began. What was striking in that particular phone conversation was that after the initial hellos and pleasantries, Reagan went directly into a series of points and then started to say good-bye. When Hussein interjected a question, Reagan was totally thrown off and the conversation abruptly ended. Listening to the playback, it seemed quite obvious that Reagan had been reading the points he was making from note cards and could not sustain any further discussion.”

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3 Responses to Queen Noor on Reagan.

  1. Ahab says:

    If this is true, it means that a rapidly deteriorating man occupied the most powerful seat in the nation, and possibly the world. I wonder how much his handlers knew and covered up.

    • The DV8 says:

      I think it was fairly obvious even to the public that he was deteriorating during his second term. Republicans just want to deny it because it doesn’t fit with the mythmaking they’re trying to do — just like some of them attacked Strom Thurmond’s daughter when she made herself known, even though most of us in South Carolina already knew about her and knew who she was.

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