Weekend Blog Roundup.

AMERICAblog: WikiLeaks: US irritated with EU human rights laws

US officials regard European human rights standards as an “irritant”, secret cables show …

AMERICAblogGAY: Mother of gay 13-year-old who committed suicide shares her son’s pain

When Seth Walsh hanged himself at age 13 on October 19th, he was seen by many as the latest in a string of tragic suicides related to the bullying of LGBT kids. But now, joining with the ACLU, his mother Wendy has given us a personal glimpse into Seth’s pain and experiences by sharing a bit about her son in a new video.

Café Philos: Paul Krugman on Whether Facts Matter to the Republican Leadership

It’s a straightforward story, but a story that the Republican members of the commission don’t want told. Literally.

The Cognitive Dissenter: No one is perfect.

The idea that no one is perfect no longer rings true to me. I’m not sure it ever has.

Eliza R. Snitch: La Virgencita.

I discovered that rose-scented Virgin of Guadalupe novena candles were only $1.00. They lasted forever, and made my musty Provo apartment smell divine. I liked the way her image glowed from the candle. And then a strange thing happened. I started to love her.

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters: Religious right leader admits to using bad research to demonize gay community, sees nothing wrong with it

I never knew that freely citing research known to be sloppy and inaccurate was a tenet of “Judeo-Christian” beliefs.

Cynical-C: TSA Misses Loaded Gun in Carry-On

Authorities tell ABC News the incident is not uncommon, but how often it occurs is a closely guarded government secret.

Good As You: Legislating from the bench? Try benching from the legislature

Three state lawmakers are hoping to use their legislative power to remove the remaining members of the unanimous panel that enacted same-sex marriage in the state …

Moral Outrage: US tries to build a case against Julian Assange

There are two movies coming out this weekend, neither of which I intend to see.

Mountain Sage: The Wall Street Pentagon Papers: Biggest Scam In World History Exposed

The Federal Reserve has been playing fast and loose with taxpayer money to the tun of $12.3 TRILLION. Meantime, the government is trying to convince us how Social Security and Medicare are responsible for the deficit and need to be cut….oh please. I’m tired of being lied to.

Nader Page: Majority of One

Last Friday, Sanders tore the covers off an oligarchic driven Congress and a concessionary President with eight-and-a-half hours of non-stop presentations of facts and figures and a plea for fairness and justice.

Pam’s House Blend (Keori): The Hazards of Being Bisexual

We don’t hear a lot about the “B” part of LGBT. Out of our group of incredibly diverse Baristas, I’m the only one who claims that letter in the alphabet soup. It comes with with its own territorial hazards, both with straight people and within “the Family.”

Pam’s House Blend (Pam Spaulding): DADT – White House unwilling to commit to halting discharges yet

Pharyngula: War on Christmas escalates to new levels; expands internationally, casualty reports coming in

The war has spread to Jutland, where a rogue priest is rounding up elves and hanging them from the church eaves.

Princess Sparkle Pony’s Photo Blog: Culture Corner: Dumb Things Based On Dumb Things Are Dumb

There are two movies coming out this weekend, neither of which I intend to see.

Republic of Gilead: Child Marriage Prevention Bill Voted Down in U.S. House

Ending child marriage is a noble endeavor. Who could argue with this bill? Some House Republicans, apparently.

Think Progress: Incoming GOP Financial Services Chairman: Washington’s Role Is ‘To Serve The Banks’

Bachus, in an interview Wednesday night, said he brings a “main street” perspective to the committee, as opposed to Wall Street. “In Washington, the view is that the banks are to be regulated, and my view is that Washington and the regulators are there to serve the banks,” he said.

Think Progress: Tea Party Gov.-Elect Walker Compels Business To Leave State After He Kills High Speed Rail In Wisconsin

Shunning the $810 million for the long-planned Wisconsin rail project, Walker promised to kill the Milwaukee-Madison link if President Obama tried “to force this down the throats of the taxpayers.”

But campaign rhetoric has very real consequences.

Think Progress: As DREAM Act Fails, Graham Tells Undocumented Youth They Wasted Their Time

Immediately before the vote failed, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) took the Senate floor to tell the young DREAMers who have come to his office that they were “wasting their time” because the border hasn’t been secured.

Note by the DV8: Lindsey Graham is one of my two senators. The good one, if you can believe that.

Truth Wins Out: Stop the Anti-Gay Genocide in Uganda

The American fundamentalist group, The Family, has to make an important strategic choice. It can have its influential National Prayer Breakfast each February in Washington, or it can have its Anti-Homosexuality Bill become law in Uganda. It likely cannot have both.

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