Humanism is a responsibility.

From The Eight Pillars of Greek Wisdom, by Stephen Bertman:

Rather than advising us to concede defeat, humanism urges us to strive for victory.

Humanism, however, doesn’t mean merely accepting ourselves for what we are. It doesn’t automatically impress the stamp of self-esteem upon our lives. Instead, it obliges us to develop the potentialities we have uncovered. Humanism, then, is not a gift, but a responsibility.

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2 Responses to Humanism is a responsibility.

  1. Ahab says:

    YES! Humanism places a great ethical responsibility upon us.

  2. To develop our potentialities (I prefer to call those potentialities, “talents”), we pretty much need to accept ourselves for who we are. So, those two things — developing our talents and accepting ourselves — usually go hand in hand.

    Of course, the schools in most places have a rather mixed record when it comes to encouraging kids to develop their talents, much less accept themselves. It seems at times that, for every kid they help, they harm one other kid. For every kid they teach to be herself, they teach another kid to deny himself. Crazy nation.

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