Sanders filibusters Obama-Republican deal.

Bernie Sanders is filibustering the tax cut deal in the Senate. I mean a real filibuster.

Sanders Launches Actual Filibuster Of Tax Cut Compromise

If you’re old enough to remember actual filibusters, you might be thinking he’s just reading from the phone book or something. Guess again. He’s actually delivering a very good — and very long — speech. At this writing, he’s live on C-SPAN 2.

He says the last time we had this kind of income disparity in the United States was in 1928. He says billionaires are addicted to greed. He says, how can you say you’re making billions of dollars when children are starving in the street? How can you be proud of that? Take a look.

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2 Responses to Sanders filibusters Obama-Republican deal.

  1. Awesome. And that is an overused word that I try not to use lightly. Bernie Sanders is quickly becoming my hero de jour. Thanks for posting this, DV8.

  2. I just called my senators. One is voting for the compromise. One is voting against. I now know that Senator Michael Bennett stands against the middle class in this country.

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