So what’s changed?

From Bertrand Russell’s Political Ideals (1917):

At present, those who have power dread a disturbance of the status quo, lest their unjust privileges should be taken away. In combination with the instinct for conventionality, which man shares with the other gregarious animals, those who profit by the existing order have established a system which punishes originality and starves imagination from the moment of first going to school down to the time of death and burial.


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4 Responses to So what’s changed?

  1. I think the powers that be have become more sophisticated in the methods and technologies they use to maintain the status quo. Other than that, perhaps little has changed.

    • The DV8 says:

      In the U.S., at least, their propaganda techniques have been more sophisticated since the Wilson administration, although FoxNews demonstrates pretty effectively that crude and unsophisticated techniques work just as well.

  2. There are studies of doctors that show they are swayed by advertising and salespeople just as much as anyone else, and despite the fact a large number of doctors believe they are too intelligent and too well informed to be swayed by such things.

    Sometimes I think too many of us are like doctors — We know they are out there doing their best to propagandize us, but we feel we’re immune because we’re smart and we know they are trying to propagandize us. But just to know what’s going on isn’t enough to counter the propaganda.

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