Banned video.

The Catholic League, aka Bill Donohue, has successfully lobbied the National Portrait Gallery to remove this video from exhibition. So the least we can do is to share the video as widely as possible.

(Via Pharyngula.)

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One Response to Banned video.

  1. Ahab says:

    Thank you for bringing attention to this — I’ll be commenting on the Smithsonian at my blog tonight too. I watched “A Fire in My Belly” at Edge Boston, and while it was harrowing, I felt that it had artistic and social merit. The “Hide/Seek” exhibit is losing a riveting video piece.

    A lot of conservative commentators (Donohue, Beck, Hannity, etc.) have expressed outrage at this video piece, but I wonder if they’ve actually watched it. Wojnarowicz made the video to bring attention to the HIV epidemic, and I wish conservatives would direct their outrage at HIV deaths instead of at ants on a crucifix.

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