Freudian slip: “zero-tolerance police.”

Headline in the New York Daily News:

Crackdown on Wikileaks: Obama orders
zero-tolerance police for anyone caught
leaking classified info

I think they meant “policy,” but in twenty-first century America it’s hard to be sure. The Daily News also has a WikiLeaks poll up:


Is WikiLeaks right in making these ‘secret’ documents public?

At the moment, it’s running 61% to 36% in favor of WikiLeaks.

New York Daily News

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4 Responses to Freudian slip: “zero-tolerance police.”

  1. In favor of Wikileaks? There’s hope for us yet!

    Actually, DV8, wait until the government’s public relations folks have a crack at turning around public opinion on this — if indeed it is running counter to the government. In no time, they will have two thirds of the people convinced Wikileaks is a terrorist affiliate.

  2. Ahab says:

    I really, really hope he didn’t mean zero-tolerance police . . .

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