Minor Prophets who make me laugh.

I use the words prophet and prophetic a lot, so maybe I should explain what I mean. I don’t mean somebody who foretells the future or somebody who speaks on behalf of God. I mean somebody who calls us out of our complacency and our preconceptions, somebody who challenges the assumptions of society and the sometimes subtle deceptions we commit against ourselves.

Some of the best prophetic voices today are comedians. Not all comedians have the gift of prophecy. Some of the best ones are people like John Pinette and Elvira Kurt, who gently poke fun at the human condition without necessarily challenging our whole outlook on life. But there are others who have the gift of pulling away our masks and revealing the foibles of conventionality in a way that’s both funny and subversive. Here are a few of them. They have a tendency to use earthy language, so it that bothers you, click at your own peril.

Katt Williams

George Carlin:

Lewis Black:

Richard Pryor:

Doug Stanhope:

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